The Celebrated One-Man Musical Based on the Life of St. Francis of Assisi

A James Twyman Production

St. Francis has Arrived in New York

The time of the New York musical has been changed to 6PM

Live from Assisi, Italy

Enjoy the first 20 minutes of the musical shot in Assisi on September 18th, 2019

St. Francis on Broadway

Cross Country Tour ending with Two Week Run in New York

Join James as a Volunteer

We need volunteers for a variety o tasks, eg. assisting tour details, helping in New York or feeding the poor.


Would you like to join James onstage in New York? If you're willing to purchase or make a monk or nun habit, you can be in  the show.


Would you like to walk with James and hundreds of others into New York for the off-Broadway show? Find out how.


Help spread the word: If you know anyone in New York or the other cities James will visit, please let them know so they can join.


Take part in our fund raising campaign to help with the enormous costs associated with such an event.


In February, 2020, the NY Times bestselling author will present his one-man musical based on the life of St. Francis on the off-Broadway stage. To get there he’ll travel across the US penniless, (along with Bill Free) from Portland to New York, with no real plan of how he’ll get from city to city, relying completely on the generosity of others.

“That’s how Francis would have done it,” Twyman explained. “His life was centered on serving humanity in simple, down to earth ways. If he was alive today he’d probably embrace things like social media, but he’d also travel with no money and no possessions. In my case I’ll hitchhike, walk when I have to, and rely upon others for food and places to sleep.”


The New York performance will take place from February 20 to March 1 at The Church in the Village, and on the way he’ll share the musical in Portland, Santa Barbara, Sedona, Phoenix, Santa Fe, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, Cleveland and Philadelphia. But it’s the New York performance that has him most excited. 

“We’re going to be doing something very unusual before each off-Broadway show,” he explained. “I have a team of people who’ll join me around the theater and we’ll be handing out free tickets to homeless men and women, inviting them to come to the show as our guests. Then before each performance begins we’ll share a meal of soup and bread together, both the paid ticket holders as well as the guests. Once again, I want to get as close to how St. Francis would have done this as possible. He would have wanted people of every group to come together, not just those who can afford the ticket.”

How to Volunteer

If you want to help as a volunteer in any of the ways listed to the left,  please reach out by sending an email to: Tell us a little about yourself and how you would like to serve.